Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Touchwizz JB for HTC Explorer/Pico

Here is another TeamThunder production, the Touchwizz JB with stunning looks and Great speed!


  • S3 TW5
  • S3 Calculator
  • S3 Sounds
  • S3 My Files
  • Based on latest CM10 alpha 4
  • S3 UI (Browser Framework res etc. )
  • Fipboard Added
  • S3 Samsung Apps
  • S3 Power Widget
  • Polaris Office
  • S3 Google Quick Search Box
  • S3 Phone
  • S3 Contacts
  • S3 LWP Weather Wall
  • Better S3 Icons
  • S3 Lockscreen Font
  • S3 Boot Animation
  • S3 Notification Souns
  • S3 Ringtones
  • S3 Alarm Sounds
  • OTA update


  • Removed stock jb keyboard
  • Added swipe
  • Added filpboard
  • Added s voice
  • Added Samsung music hub
  • Polaris Office fixed
  • Some more things that i do not remember

You need to have an ext partition to make this ROM Boot..

Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-11-03-15-32-22.png
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Name: Screenshot_2012-11-04-09-34-39.png
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Name: Screenshot_2012-11-03-10-57-12.png
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ID: 1463699

Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-11-04-10-19-01.png
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ID: 1463703

DOWNLOAD V2 HERE:http://www.mediafire.com/?ae6ezm5dex6e81a

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