Monday, 19 November 2012

CM 9.1 Nightly Build 11 For HTC Explorer(Pico)

CyanogenMod 9 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0.4 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

It has been compiled from source and it has been found to be more faster and stabler than earlier builds.


What Works
Everything works for daily use!

- Audio
- FM Radio(Use Spirit FM from Play Store)
- Hardware Acceleration
- Bluetooth
- Wifi
- Video
- Camera(Taking Pictures)
- USB Tethering(3rd party app WORKS)
- Voice Search(It was a bug ! )
- HQ Videos(Use 3rd party apps like MX Player for better playback)
- Video Recording

What Doesnt Work
- Nothing really

Downloads  & Installation Process

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!
  1. Download required files and updates from below :
  1. Copy the downloaded files to the (Root directory of) your sd-card.
  2. Reboot your device to Custom Revovery (Press Home + Power Button).
  3. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current ROM.
  4. Now from recovery main menu and select Wipe Data option.
  5. Confirm data wipe by selecting Yes.
  6. Now flash this ICS based rom using clockwork mod recovery. Follow these steps :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
    • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
    • Now select downloaded earlier.
    • Confirm the installation and wait till the rom is installed on you handset.
  7. Flash Latest Google apps for ICS in CWM recovery.
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
  8. Select Choose Zip From SD Card and the nightly is installed on you handset.
  9. Reboot and enjoy!


  1. how to flash build #11 on Build #10 ...?

  2. I flash it but I cannot find GPS support. Any idea?

  3. well i'd recommend to wipe data and flash (for faster experience)

  4. can we flash it over build#9??

  5. Is it good for gaming, as it is one of the main reason i use my phone.

  6. I have a problem.. Multitouching causes Gameloft games to close in this rom? How to fix it?? I have played Shadow Guardian and Asphalt 6 .. Both caused me this..

  7. Is anyone else having problems? like weak WIFI signal, apps crashing, such as camera? also video quality when recording with camera is crappy, at least the audio! sounds super-low-bitrate! help! how I fix?!?!

  8. I have the ICS 4.0.4 up and running on my htc explorer but I seemed to have lost root access. Also is there an alternative solution to run apps on proxy connections?

  9. Okay so few weeks back I rooted by HTC Pico. Somehow it's a soft-brick now (stuck on the white HTC screen, doesn't even go the Quietly Brilliant screen). I suppose the steps to flash this ROM wouldn't change would they? Except maybe I don't need backup since my ROM is fucked eitherways...

  10. wifi not connecting.It's saying authentication problem . plzz help